Wednesday, December 2, 2009

“Money to Burn”

“Money to Burn”
When was the last time you heard that expression? He has money to burn. If you are anything like me it’s been a while. These days it seems even those who are considered well off are watching their expenses, and definitely not burning their money up.
There has never been more effort put into finding ways to save money from hybrid cars to solar panel power to coupon websites and the new ideas just keep coming.
The best new ideas are ones that allow you to save money and improve your quality of life at the same time. One new idea whose time has come is the hand held Bathroom Bidet Sprayer. Although not really new to the world it is relatively new to the western world simply because our plumbing has historically been so good that it was not felt to be needed. But of course adversity leads to creation and the high cost of toilet paper has lead to the realization that by spending under $50.00 on a Bidet Sprayer kit you can save money from now on with your toilet paper purchases. We’re not saying you shouldn’t buy toilet paper anymore, although you can just use a personal towel to dry off if you’d like) it’s just that you won’t need very much of it. You can even buy the really soft stuff and not feel guilty.
The really great thing about the bidet sprayer is that you don’t have to go without to save money like you normally would. No in fact you can even upgrade the toilet paper you do use. And not only do you save money but you are cleaner and healthier too! If that’s not enough to make you happy than add to it the fact that you are helping the environment without even trying by cutting down on the toilet paper use and therefore manufacture, which by the way uses allot more water than you will use to spray your tush. Finally you will also find the Bidet Sprayer makes cleaning the toilet bowl and around it much easier than it was before, a benefit that can be especially nice for those times when you ate that spicy burrito for lunch!
The Bidet Sprayer is not such a new and strange concept anymore that the shower is. It’s just a smaller, more portable and specific version of it. And once you’ve tried it you will wonder how you ever got by with just wadded up hands of toilet paper. So if you’re trying to think of something new to give for Christmas this year, give the gift that as they say; keeps on giving. Give them, and yourself, something that will save money forever and improve your lives. See: